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With over 400,000+ followers online, Vicky Logan is best known known for her YouTube channel where she offers in depth tutorials and reviews for popular beauty products, teaching young women all over the world how to get chic, yet simple looks and styles. Her beauty and fashion tips, as seen in popular videos like “Full Face Routine: Long Lasting Makeup + Acne Scar Coverage,” have earned her a dedicated fan base with over 18 million video views and counting. She has worked with top brands like MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Cosmopolitan and many others.

Born Victoria Christian Lewis in Fort Worth, Texas, Vicky has always been artistic and passionate about creating. As an elementary student, she was awarded for her artwork by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. She often expressed herself through writing, drawing, painting and was also heavily involved in musical arts, as her father was a musician and high school music teacher. Her love for video production was introduced at a young age through family videos. Growing up in the era of technology, she was able to adapt fast to the technological advances and became well-versed in Internet culture. In high school she began her own web-series through Facebook, documenting her daily struggles as a high school student with her friends between classes. Aside from her creative expression, she was very studious. She graduated high school with honors, a number of college credits and was even captain and MVP of her track team, previously holding the school record the for the fastest time in a 200 meter dash. She then attended Texas Christian University with a focus in strategic communication and public relations for two years before leaving to pursue her career on her own.

Meanwhile, along her journey in college, she fell in love and married Cameron Logan, an entertainment business graduate from Chicago. Together they now reside in Illinois and have a series of videos detailing some of the highlights of their journey as newlyweds on their vlog channel "Life with the Logans". They aim to encourage and inspire young people by demonstrating the beauty of marriage and healthy relationships with God, family and friends.

Aside from their online presence, Vicky and Cameron are involved in their community and hold the responsibility of youth leaders at their church, with Cameron in position as youth pastor. They both were raised in Christian homes with strong religious backgrounds and are both passionate about inspiring young people to develop their faith and find their purpose and identity in Christ.

While making videos and social media content is currently her primary focus, Vicky's first loves include photography, shopping, and fashion. She also loves to travel. In the future, Vicky aims to take her influence offline and expand her brand to reach young women all over the world and inspires them to be confident, live healthy lifestyles and build thriving relationships. The possibilities are endless!

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