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I work hard to make sure my videos are consistently improving and that I’m creating new content that people enjoy and can relate to. I really enjoy the creative process of my work, and there’s no better feeling than seeing the final result of a project you’ve been working hard on for hours on end. Have a look at the most reacent videos I’ve created, and get in touch with me directly for more information.

How To Wash and Straighten Short Natural Hair

January 31, 2017

Never be afraid to straighten your natural hair! If you use the right products and safe techniques you too can achieve a straight style without adding damage. Check out this video to see how I used Carol's Daughter Almond Milk line to ensure the quality of my hair was soft and easy to straighten. #NoHairRules!

What Does Your Vagina Smell Like?

February 2, 2017

Probably the most awkward video I've ever recorded! Feminine sexual health is VERY important and I feel like as women we should be able to openly and candidly discuss the do's and dont's of self care so you can feel your best inside and out. Let's discuss how to take care of yourself, periods, my hygiene routine, what I do before/after sex and more!

Celebrating 3 Years of Marriage!

February 14, 2017

My husband and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary so like we always do, we decided to do another Q&A/update! Be sure to check out the video along with my blog post for more things I've learned and some of my thoughts on marriage!

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