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My First Beauty Event with MAC Cosmetics!

What’s the first brand you think of when someone mentions makeup? For me, it’s always MAC. Not that it’s my all time favorite brand, because that would be the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, seeing as I’m extremely indecisive. But, one of the first brands I ever tried was MAC Cosmetics.

I can remember going to the counter to get my makeup done for the first time for my senior pictures, and again for prom, and building my little starter kit of makeup products. From then on, I was inspired to try new looks and be creative with my God-given canvas. And like many people who get hooked on makeup, I wanted to become a makeup artist. I applied MAC maybe 3 or 4 times, I lost count, but nonetheless never got a call back. But I wasnt too bummed, though, because I was already learning from MAC employees all around the country for free via YouTube. From there I learned everything I knew about makeup application techniques, and went on to be my own freelance artist. I did my friends makeup and took their pictures in a makeshift studio with hand me down photography equipment and made it work for me.

Fast forward 10 years later, and I’m having my own event at the MAC counter in downtown Chicago, my big ol' shiny face sitting right there by the new collections and on the walls right outside a private room where I would be hosting not one, but two master classes.

Now I must say FIRST that it’s an honor and a privilege that people even watch my videos. But to have them sign up for a class, AND have MAC Cosmetics endorse it, is even more surreal.From the meet up beforehand to the actual class where we discussed my favorite products and ate oreos, I literally felt like the coolest person alive. Such an opportunity is not something I take for granted.

Talking about products I love with people who are so supportive of me is an amazing experience to say the least, and I am working fervently to make more events like this happen in the future! Opportunities like these allow me to meet my goal of being more personable, getting over my fear of public speaking and to meet more of my followers in real life! With your continued support I believe I am able to make those things happen, so look out #Victors, I’m coming for YOU!

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